Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final Crisis #6 - Post Adjunto

Batman's last word is "Gotcha." What can you say about that? Why is that his last word?
[Laughs] Because he got all evil. What has been Batman's mission all this time since the first gun—the first bullet—that made him? He finally gets the god of evil in his sights and shoots him. I think Batman's got a sense of humor and he knows better than Darkseid. It's almost like a wink to everyone.

The last issue of Final Crisis is coming up. What can you say about the big finale?
The finale is pretty insane. Parallel universes. It's the end of the universe. Everything breaks down. I wanted to do something causality based. I don't think any of us have seen anything like this. It takes it to the point of real, nihilistic hopelessness. I'm so pleased with it. Doug Mahnke's work is amazing. Oh my god, it's amazing. Again, this is a Kirby thing and it's big. The whole idea is to do cosmic comics and no one's done something like that since the '70s. So, to be able to work with someone like Doug, it's like that type of mad fantasy art I loved from the '70s. It's just incredible, intricate and beautiful work. On the soap box side of things, for me, there's been a long [stretch] of comics trying to be about the streets and about realism and dealing with the Bush Administration. We wanted to follow more popular culture, which is going in a more psychedelic direction, to use the want of a better word. I think things are starting to get a bit crazier again and people are enjoying stuff a little bit more—the fantastical and demanding of the imagination. I think that's what we're trying to do. Final Crisis #7 is almost inventing a new style. We had widescreen comics and decompression and super-compression. This is channel-zapping comics.

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Solo Batman podia asesinar a un Dios. Y con eso Morrison regala uno de los mejores momentos que haya visto en los comics.

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